Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to Help Stop Mass Shootings

You know, I've decided. I have stage IV cancer and this week has been a bitch already and I'm turning off the filters.
I am tired of hearing mass shooters referred to as mentally ill. I as many of you have worked with people with mental illness. How many of them had the where with all to have guns? Most of the folks I've worked with are either too delusional from not taking their meds to too wiped out from taking them that they're not planning rampages. Most of the people who have done this are pissed off, NOT the same as mentally ill.
I am tired of praying for victims of crimes that should not be allowed to occur. Prayers may make us feel better but if you haven't noticed they're not changing things much. Words without deeds are worthless. What are you going to do?!?!? If we care about children make sure they are housed and fed and educated.
If you want things like this to change you've got to do some serious work and the people of this nation don't want to do that. We have to talk seriously about guns, who should have them, what types should seriously be available etc. If we say that people with mental illness should not have guns then are we ready to undergo psychological testing to get one? How about training? A test?
We have to stop glamorizing violence in the our culture. Whether it's first person shooter games, the freaking endless war that we're in that only effects those who choose to risk their lives or some of the incredibly gross and violent things that are on tv at 10 pm for adults this year but will be on at noon in syndication next year.
We need to change the places that have long lines for crap and no lines for things that are REALLY important. You don't NEED the new iPhone or half of the crap that millions of people lined up for on Black Friday. But how many of us are at a kids school to volunteer? Maybe even at a school that's struggling, a school where kids don't have responsible role models. When was the last day we went and worked at a soup kitchen or a nursing home or bought toys for kids who won't have anything otherwise?
You know what brought this rant on? My son asking when we leave the United States! This is our country and if we want it to change we have to do something. Here is a link to find your Representatives and Senators
If they have time to talk endlessly about coffee cups, planned parenthood and God know what they have time to work on the real issues IF we make them.

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