Saturday, October 3, 2015

Real cancer charities that could use your support

As promised I have made a list of cancer charities ( both breast and general ) that I support. You may notice that you haven't heard of most of these organizations. They spend very little money on ad campaigns and PR. Their money is spent on research and patient services not on publicity and that is why I support them. 

If you want to support general cancer research - Cancer Research Institute 

If you want to support to breast cancer researchBreast Cancer Research Foundation – Incredibly low administrative and fundraising expenses.

If you want to support metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer research
Metavivor – 100 percent of donations go directly to metastatic research, Organizational expenses are paid for with sponsorship money.

If you want to help women access free or low cost breast cancer screenings or mammograms
Planned Parenthood, Local programs where you live, here it's the Pink Ribbon Project affiliated with the local hospital. 

If you want to support programs for young adults (diagnosed before 40) with cancer - Stupid Cancer

If you want to support programs for young adults (diagnosed before 40) with breast cancerYoung Survival Coalition

If you want to support a kid whose parent has cancerCamp Kesem

If you want to send a breast cancer family on a retreatLittle Pink Houses of Hope

You may notice that the biggest and most well known cancer charities are not on the list. Here's why;

American Cancer Society – For years I thought that the money donated to ACS stayed in my town, does not stay in your community but is pooled. Most of their giving goes to research. The problem is that approximately 60 percent of funds are used for research and patient support and the other 40 percent goes to salaries and fundraising expenses. That spending is why ACS is a household name.  They receive a two star rating from Charity and the American Institute of Philanthropy gives them a “C” for financial efficiency.

Komen – Oh Komen, when I was first diagnosed in 2006 you were my first stop. You’re Komen for the Cure. Here’s the problem with Komen,  an organization that is supposed to be looking for the cure spends little money actually looking for the cure. Nearly 40 percent is spent on “public health education and awareness”, I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone in the US who is not aware of breast cancer. They've partnered with the fracking company Baker Hughes despite ongoing concerns that the chemicals used in fracking are causing cancer. They sue or send cease and desist letters to anyone they find using the phrase “For The Cure”. They tried to mess with Planned Parenthood.  Their CEO makes A FORTUNE, more than $600,000 a year substantially higher than other charity salaries. Sorry I get a little ranty when it comes to this charity.   They receive a two star rating from Charity Navigator and there are many questions about the financial efficiency.

If you're looking for a local charity near you to give to let me know, I'll help you find one. 

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